17.07.2013 - IT'S SUPER PEAK

Yes, i did not upload my blog due to super busy at my Work.... Income tax deadline on 15 August 2013 with falls between festive season. Need to get hurry to complete all task.

However, between the line. i did some crochet stuff to fulfill my "boredom" at work.

05.07.2013 - Mikko@MyDiet: The 55th day

Mikko@MyDiet: The 55th day:
FRIDAY My weight : 82.7kg Copyright reserved Mikko@MyDiet Wake up time  :  I did not sleep BREAKFAST :  Nescafe + Roti canai L...

The day has begin! 777 mission accomplish!


This is my 4th day without Facebook.

Honestly, I'm having difficulties to control myself. I'm having this kinetic reaction by typing "facebook.com" after i click my google icon.

I repeat "it's kinetic reaction". 

As of today, i have progressive productive with my work. Managed to complete several cases without facebook interuption. Focus from 8.30am to 5.30pm. I'm proud of myself as off today.

I know i may miss a lot event which i may miss in facebook. Eventually, i know i will go thru this for a short period of time.


In another hand, I have spoken and he ruined it. A good friend is a good friend. They are not your best friend.

03.07.2013 - 555 COME TO WORK

I need a change of my life. It's the 2nd phrase after my accident.

I've met a lot of people. Fall in love and not successful. I try to love but i can't.

Career performance and productivity badly drop.

Physically out of shape.

Mentally disturbed with harassment.

Emotionally unstable.

What really happen to me? Why i can get focus on my doings and my plans?

Need to get my life on track and walk on my pace.

I need to stand up! I need to stay strong!

I need to let go! I need to perform! I need to go right up ahead with my plan!

No more staying lost! No more waiting! No more trying to be funny!



I finally deactivate my Facebook...

It's time to get serious with life and move on as those day.

WORK is my priority. LIFE is physical not thru web. 

~ Self control! ~

It does make life easier without facebook. I save my time spending on facebook and doing the unnecessary such as rubbish comments every hour. Giving others bad perception about myself.

19.06.2013 - I love Ted

I gotten Ted on 13.06.2013 and Ted has become my Best Friend. He is approximately 5 feet tall...