Something really "cute" aka "weird" about human beings.

Help was ask from me in relation to "being conned".

I have to share this 3 weird cases.


A friend of mine who is into gambling and buying lottery and always try it's luck. Never failed gamble over Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. Even in SPECIAL day.. TUESDAY.

This friend of mine, somehow failed in business and one fine day she saw leaflets in the post box saying "Find Me If You Want To Win Lottery". With attractive testimonial along with it, my friend got attracted with it and call the number as on the leaflet.

So, there's where the excitement comes. Call being made and a person picked up and said it's a temple. The sifu will help anyone who need help with condition, you need to bank in some cash does not matter RM 10, RM 50 or whatever figures as long as you can afford for donation purposes.

Right after that bank account given with full detailed. My friend banked in RM 50.00 to a "sole Proprietor  accounts at one of the Local Bank.

Something to highlight here, the conversation took place from Wednesday to Friday. Amount was paid on Friday. Call the person attended to my friend, he say okay, he will send the number on FRIDAY evening so that my friend can buy the number either Saturday or Sunday,

However, my friend don't received on Saturday but received on Monday via Courier company, which is from the North, Penang.

My friend open the envelope, It come with a number and 2 "Fu'. The number given was past Sunday 1st prize number. My friend kinda disappointed at that time by saying how come she miss the number.

So, my friend called the person again. Asking why courier so slow. The person said, "You have to burn the Fu. I think you have lost your luck. I think you need some blessing from the sifu from Thailand. But you need to bank in RM 300.00 to break the curse." So, again she bank in and was told to burn the "bank in slip" as procedure the gain the luck.

The rotation happens from RM 300.00 to RM500.00 to RM 1,000.00. Then 10,000.00 then RM 15,150.00. With a total lost of RM 27,000 in sum.

One daring act is, the person will call you until you bank in.

Money being cheated, police report were lodge and even the police can't solved the case due to "moving conmen" by using fake accounts. Even newspaper article did mentioned about it.

Therefore, my dear readers and friends... Please have some commonsense and be cautious of stranger especiallly with money.

Case No. 2 - LOAN FROM CONMEN AH LONG (Loan Shark)

This person, I call this person the victim A.

Victim A having difficulties financially due to business matter. One day Victim A decided to get a loan from AH LONG. Victim A saw an advertisement in a Chinese Newspaper saying loan for your business and call.

Someone picked up the phone and attended to Victim A and was told to prepare the following item:-

1. Company registration cert
2. 3 months bank statement
3. Identification Card
4. Car grant

Once documention ready, they will send it's personal to collect the documents being the reason they need to "Sight seeing" the borrowers shop and Home. Victim A agree with it and came a young chap in a black Vios.

The young chap when to Victim A shop and house. Document collected and demand RM 1,000 for legal procedure. Victim A was told that he will come back with the legal documents to be signed.

RM 1,000.00 paid and waited for him to come back. It pass several days. Victim A call the number back, again a person picked up and told Victim A that the young chap in Black vios just met in accident and died and hang up the phone.

Again tried calling but failed.

Again, police report were lodge but nothing can be done. Fake numbers. Fake company name.

Case No. 3 - Facebook Passion

A friend of mine received a lovely message from a stranger and they become friends.

It was a daily lovely words and sentences being used.

It get intimate and started to share family affair at both parties.

This is what you will received :-

"I'm a divorcee with 2 children. I think i fall in love with you. I hope both of us could me together. I don't mine flying down to your country to visit you".

The nest thing you will received from this stranger who is so called your girl friend or boy friend :-

"i have sent parcel to you. You will received soon" with an attachment of list of "gift" sent in the courier docket such as:-

1. Gadgets " Iphone/ Ipad/ Smartphone"
2. Gold chain
3. Branded handbag and goodies
4. Flowers

My friend received a call from the Courier company saying the parcel unable to go thru the KASTAM at KLIA airport due to Cash in the Parcel. They will claim that there are 5000.00 POUND in the parcel. In order for you to get the Parcel you need to PAY RM 5,950.00.

So, my this friend Negotiated and paid RM 2,300.00

And the parcel did not arrived.



Well, many of us not aware. We are some how blinded with the MONEY and LOVE. Think twice and ask before you give your money away. When you ask your friends, please listen.

Good luck to you peeps out there. Please don't get con of your fortune, wealth and love.

I understand, it HURTS.


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