30.05.2013 - I want to be beautiful for you

I want to beautiful for you.

Have you ever thought of that ladies? If yes, how many of you succeed?

I frequently hear this, " If a man that really love you, they will accept you as what you are ".

I would say 30% true and 70% Not true.

As a lady (yeah, I know I'm not the WOW WOW pretty lady), yes, it's important for us to BEAUTIFUL! Inside & out.

Today, I determine to keep myself PRETTY for HIM.

Brighter future waiting for me.

I'm crying typing thing post. Emo Emo Emo!

Today, I'm a lil bit cheezed off over something. I strongly can remember today's event. I'm not going to mention my issue here. Kinda confidential.

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