19.06.2013 - I love Ted

I gotten Ted on 13.06.2013 and Ted has become my Best Friend. He is approximately 5 feet tall...

18.06.2013 - MY LIFE IN THREAT

 I never felt my life could be in so danger until last Thursday evening 13.06.2013.

I saw man walking around my car and scratch it and drove away in a White Daihatshu Van WVT 87*3 after i chase after him. Later, i found out that the van belong to my ex's ex-boss company van.

Truly painful in the eyes when i see the scratch from back to front. 

However, things does not turn out right on Friday after i made a telephone call to my ex's ex boss to clarify who actually drive the company van scratch my car. Ended up a threatening conversation popped up from his mouth. 

I lodge police report at Dang Wangi on Friday itself.

Thereafter, on Monday 17.06.2013 ... i received an sms asking me to take of myself and was told not to park my car at the same location. 

I knew he will keep on Hunt me down.

13.05.2013 - I FEEL TIRED

I feel tired and I just want to walk and walk and walk.

I had a misunderstanding with someone today. Both of us does not sound happy with each other.

Life goes on....


I was the photog for Titan Suspension Time Attack Event.

Meaning, I'm on duty to act behalf of Konmei Motorsports.

It was a wet morning and i had my fun taking my best shot for the cars.

However, it was not really a good day for me, because I'm sleepy due to short of sleep from last night event...


It's a happening day for our Jom Forte Malaysia group, where all the Forte Owners get together and had fun.

It's was a great night after all. I was the Introduction MC and later on handed over to Salina.

Nevertheless, I won Victorite Battery for My MR Koupacabra which cost RM 390.

Uhh la.....

06.06.2013 - BUSY

I was so busy preparing for meetings and JFM Dinner 2013 yesterday.

Looks so personal... I need to FOCUS at work.!
Artwork by @ah Foong

04.06.2013 - SLEEPY OOO

1st of all, don't forget to check out my MyDiet Tab.
I've lose weight.

I feel so sleepy today. Somehow an artist friend of mine name ah foong, keep entertaining me with his comics work....
Art work by Ah Foong

Art work by ah Foong

Thus, I received bookmarks from BroJB. It is something that i really want to own. Bookmark quilling from Vietnam. It was super cool handmade.

03.06.2013 - HAPPY DAY

My mood seems ok today. I felt grateful all time. Thinking of what people and friends has done for me. 


I bought a pair of Sport shoe from BATA.

I'm ready to WALK!

02.06.2013 - IKEA with Sis

Oh gosh, I woke up around 9am and sleep back and awakes at 4pm.

Yes, i was tired over last night event. So, I miss Megalap at Sepang.

As usual.... I got bored and decided to visit my sister and enjoy our shopping at Ikea.

I bought scented candles, stand lamp, E27 bulbs and Curry Puff.
Photo from Ikea

We had Korean Dinner at Ikano. Burpppp... we are Full but... we continue to Kepong at Sweet Hut and enjoy our dessert.

We had Quality time, I reach home kinda late because I cannot sleep. Wargh!

01.06.2013 - I GOT A GOOD DAY

I got a good day today after all the frustration and dissappointment!

My journey starts from 6.00am to Perak.

I got a real cool shot at BRX III, Dato Sagor Event.

Free Test Drive on Dato' Sagor Track.

T-Shirt Sponsored by RevSuit.

and and and... I won a giveaway contest by Lin Handmade Greetings Card.
Uh lalalalalalala... Happy me!