18.06.2013 - MY LIFE IN THREAT

 I never felt my life could be in so danger until last Thursday evening 13.06.2013.

I saw man walking around my car and scratch it and drove away in a White Daihatshu Van WVT 87*3 after i chase after him. Later, i found out that the van belong to my ex's ex-boss company van.

Truly painful in the eyes when i see the scratch from back to front. 

However, things does not turn out right on Friday after i made a telephone call to my ex's ex boss to clarify who actually drive the company van scratch my car. Ended up a threatening conversation popped up from his mouth. 

I lodge police report at Dang Wangi on Friday itself.

Thereafter, on Monday 17.06.2013 ... i received an sms asking me to take of myself and was told not to park my car at the same location. 

I knew he will keep on Hunt me down.

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