Our FUN and JOYOUS moment without boundaries (MyOfficemate)

I'm a 365 24 7 Facebook user realizing what has happen to Malaysia, My Country, My Live, My Place of Birth.

MyMotorsports - No boundaries

Sincerely, I never had this "choosing of friends" attitude. I mingle with everyone, Chinese, Malay, Indian and etc etc etc. Even my BFF told me,"Women, even bangla and paki say Hi to you." while shaking her head.

MyCraft mates - No boundries
A simple word, Respect. If you Respect a person, you'll be Respect 1000 times more. Talk with Manners - "Abang, nak air suam satu", "Akak, nak air suam satu", "Leng chai, quan sui suet", "Arneh, Air panas", "Uncle, tolong tambah ais"... INSTEAD of "WOI, nak teh tarik"...

MyCarClub (Forte For Fun) - Friendship beyond Cars

Respect... doesn't matter what race or religion. Love your neighbour and friends.


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