21.05.2013 - APPRECIATE

Learn to Appreciate.

Everyone has a different characteristic. Some are nice, some are aggressive, some are easily on fire, some are very tame and some are fargile.

Some are really emo, some are active, some are passive, some are introvert, some are extrovert and you may find some really annoys you.

For me, doesn't matter you are annoying, irritating or what sorts of attitude you have, you are still my friend. Best friend, good friend, closed friend or just friend is subject to the relationship we built, which we call TRUST.

I learn my lesson from each of my friend. I'll study them, talk to them and really get closed to them. Watching their movement,  their FB status, look at the way they talk and daily walk. **snap snap** I'm straight okay?

I can be rough like a man and can be sweet like an angel. 

I appreciate my friends. You treat me bad, bully me, used me, back stab me, be nice to me and or what ever treatment you give me... i analysed... and yet we are friend.

I appreciate what i have now... even though i fail many times but again i appreciate my failure. It make be a better person day by day.

Some of my closed friend did tell me "She treated you like this, you still talk nicely to her ah?". Well, "KINDNESS KILLS" and make a person feel "GUILTY".

I did tell my many friends... KILL A PERSON WILL KINDNESS. When we learn to use Goodness to Kill, you are a winner and it does makes you feel better.

What makes a drastic change of my attitude? It's because i were given a 2nd chance of Life. Amen.

I begin to feel, life is so short. What i want is enjoy and "ZERO" enemy. 

Well, learn to have kindness in you. It helps you to have a good attitude, positive and smile all time.

Whatever it is... APPRECIATE your surrounding. Learn to say thank you to your loved ones, your friends and your enemy.

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