28.05.2013 - LOSE MORE WEIGHT!


I'm shocked to see how "sleep early" could help in loosing weight.

It just works... I had my Breakfast as Normal.. meaning Nasi Lemak/ Mee Hoon/  Yong Dau Foo and Nescafe Ice.

Lunch as usual, Rice.. sometimes mee hoon.

Dinner, really light light light... Milo or Horlicks. So far i have not eaten any bread.

Last weekend Sunday, I had a heavy walking session at Sepang International Circuit. I bet it's a TRUE workout under the HOT SUN! Sweat like no body business.

Probably, i should blog this daily so that those who work in office and less movement like me could follow.

27.05.2013 - I slept at 11.45pm
28.05.2013 - Awake at 8am

Today's Partake :-
BREAKFAST : Yong Tau foo (HEAVY) and Nescafe
LUNCH : White Rice with Soup and Chrysanthemum drink

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