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Self Captured at National Museum Textile KL

Name : Rebecca Chuah

Nickname : Mikko

Place of Birth : Georgetown, Penang

Profession : Tax Consultant

Start crafting since : 8 years old

Inheritance : Nyonya

Hobbies : Art, craft, photography and motorsports racing.

Ownership : Sole proprietor for Craftzmaniac Creative

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I'm Rebecca Chuah a.k.a Hauhc Mikko Acceber (Facebook) from Penang. Study in Penang until I graduated and proceed down to Kuala Lumpur to further my studies and ended work as a Tax
Associates in one of the medium size advisory company in Kuala Lumpur.

How do I get to know craft?
Well, I'm an ordinary kid like any of us here. I love art. My mom is a draughwomen and my dad is an interior designer cum photographer. As you can see, both parents are into art. My grandmother is a NYONYA. Good in cooking, craft and art work too. That's how i participated in ART, CRAFT, and PHOTOGRAPHY. Generally, i call it "Genetic".

When I starts crochet and knitting? Actually, I was inspired by my schoolmates. It's was "so called" "IN TREND" where everyone carried a pair of knitting needle to school when i was in standard 2, 8 years old in another word. It was because of the "IN TREND" thingy thing, I got excited as my birthday was near during that time. I told my mother, I wanted learn knitting and i want knitting needle and a yarn for my birthday. So, on my birthday ~to my surprise~ she bought me "CROCHET NEEDLE" and yarn. Actually, I was sad but no matter what I have to accept it.

So, there's where i started crochet. My beloved grandmother is the one who spent her time to train me on crochet. I remember, with the pink yarn, she trained me until the yarn turn brownish. My 1st success crochet is a pencil case pouch with a draw string on it! Thus, I managed to impress my schoolmates with "CROCHET".

I told my grandma that i wanted to learn knitting because everyone in school is doing it. Well, she agreed with it and told me to take 2 "satay" sticks and a sand paper from our kitchen cabinet's drawer. So, she sit on the couch and did "by hand" for me a pair of knitting needle and there's where i started knitting. My 1st very project is my teddy bear Maroon colour T-shirt! I did the front portion and my grandma finish the rest for me.

However, I never stop from there on in crafting which makes me a versatile crafter.

I love my beloved Grandma, LOH CHOOI LEAN, with her understanding, patience and her determination to inherits her handwork to me. In Memories of Madam LOH CHOOI LEAN. Always in My Heart, my Memory and my Craft work.

I've also learned a very important message from my Grandma that "If you have the tools, doesn't mean you have it all. If you have the passion, means you have it all."

How do I get to know photography?
I love photography since I was young as my dad is a photographer ever since I was a little baby. As a passionate crafter, photography pays a very important role for product shots. Therefore, I choose proceed with photography.

However, product shot is not enough for me. Thereafter, I proceed to motorsports photography as I personally love motorsports as a part of my hobby.

With the help of the fellow photographer I finally manage to get to learn about panning shots. This later brings me to a greater height of my life path.

How do I get to know motorsport?
I met in an accident which almost taken away my life with a double hit which later on given me the courage to proceed with motorsports.

My baby Picanto total lost January 2012

My baby Picanto total lost January 2012

Persona that out of control from the opposite lane Jan 2012

I personally represent our own Forte Team which one of the lady from our team who race before in Sepang International Circuit, MIMC and also Elite Speedway.

Never give up and nothing is impossible become a quote to my life. 

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