23.05.2013 - LOSE WEIGHT???

This morning, when I stand on my weighing scale it shows 87kg.. wargh! Sure bor?!?!?! I stood up then down, up then down just to ensure it is 87.. 87.. 87????

It's is 87 kg...

Seriously, my daily breakfast is either Nasi lemak or Mee Hoon (real BIG portion) with Nescafe Ice. Lunch is either mee or Economy rice (minimal portion) because i feel "bloody" FULL and I skipped dinner not because I PURPOSELY Skip dinner... it's because I feel FULL. Don't ask me why... but I'm just Full.

However, I realized sleeping early play an important role also... I slept before 12am for the past week. but awake around 4am. :P WHATEVER! But i fall a sleep again and awake at 8am.

Let see if i lose more weight next week, ok?

Last 13.05.2013 (monday) was 90kg
11 days later...
Today 23.05.2013 is 87kg

What else? Continue ler.... Next Week I snap photo...

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